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Tom Fuller, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, has photographed hundreds of weddings in the tri-state area. Tom is not just a photographer; he is also a storyteller dedicated to capturing the essence of each unique love story and transforming it into timeless memories.

Having photographed White Manor Country Club on several occasions, Tom recently met with our team to share his thoughts.

Couple at wedding

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is blended in a sense. I love darker photos but enjoy creating lighter photos, too. I love capturing true emotion in a laidback and fun way. You don’t have to decide between romantic and fun, between artistic and practical, between easy-going vibes and professionalism. You get it all!

bridal party and couple

What was your first impression of White Manor Country Club?

My first visit to White Manor Country Club as a wedding photographer left me seriously impressed. This place is like a slice of wedding photographer heaven.

From the moment I rolled up, I couldn’t help but admire the stunning surroundings. The landscape is like something out of a romantic movie. The lush gardens, the perfectly manicured lawns, and those rolling fairways – they were like a giant playground for me and my camera. The colorful flowers and greenery made it clear that this spot is a dream for any photographer.

And let’s not forget about the building itself – it’s got this mix of classic charm and modern vibes that’s just perfect for all wedding celebrations. I love using the inside just as much for portraits. The decor is on point, and you can tell they’ve paid attention to all the little details.

But you know what made my experience even better? The staff. They’re so friendly and easy to work with. From the event coordinator to the catering team, everyone was all about making sure each wedding day was just right. They genuinely care about making each event special.

So, to sum it up, my first impression of White Manor Country Club was pure excitement and happiness. This place is a photographer’s dream come true, with its natural beauty, elegant architecture, and an awesome team that’s ready to make every wedding day unforgettable.

bridal party and couple

What are your favorite backdrops at the country club?

It’s hard to choose but it honestly depends on what I’m doing and what time of day it is. If it’s family portraits or wedding party photos, I love using the garden area outside of the reception hall. During the early evening, the light is absolutely perfect and the garden makes a great background. For the couple’s portraits, I really enjoy the rolling hills and the pond. The way you just feel on top of the world back there is perfection.

How do you approach capturing the unique features of our venue in your photos?

I love utilizing the vast variety of backgrounds and locations that White Manor Country Club has to offer. I typically choose the location/background and work through composition, adding the lighting then the couple and the emotion. I approach all the unique spots differently by utilizing varying composition and lighting. White Manor has so many options for pictures it’s never difficult to find a location that will provide a beautiful portrait.

wedding reception

What aspects of a country club wedding do you consider to be superior compared to other venue options?

Country club weddings are a photographer’s dream for several reasons. The timeless elegance of these venues, complete with manicured landscapes and well-kept gardens, offers a classic backdrop that elevates the charm of wedding photography. Clubs like White Manor offer great options for ceremonies where some venues have no other option.

What’s more, the versatility of country club settings provides a range of picturesque options, from scenic golf courses to serene water views. With professional staff on hand to ensure a seamless event, photographers can focus on capturing those candid moments.

Additionally, country clubs offer a sense of exclusivity and privacy, creating a relaxed atmosphere for both couples and photographers.

Finally, the convenience of these venues’ locations makes it easy for everyone to access and find parking. Many, like White Manor, boast stunning sunset views which can add a magical touch to wedding photographs. Overall, country club weddings provide a friendly and picturesque setting that enhances the art of wedding photography!

If you’re on the hunt for a professional and easy-going photographer in Pennsylvania and beyond, contact Tom Fuller. Click here to check out his blog about White Manor Country Club and view his exquisite portfolio.

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