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Concert Golf Partners continues to reinvest in its properties, making sure each space reflects the club’s unique identity while utilizing modern design techniques When White Manor Country Club’s ballroom was up for renovation, it was clear which designer the team would choose to work with. After providing excellent design and oversight in the 2021 Men’s and Women’s Locker Room updates, Stephanie Vegas of PinkPrint Design was chosen to oversee this project as well. Our team had a chance to speak with Ms. Vegas about the ongoing renovation. Find out how she and her designers at PinkPrint tackled this important update.

How would you describe the Club?
White Manor is known to be a family place. There are a lot of amenities available to provide the full family experience while still offering the high-end feel of a luxury country club.

What were your impressions of the original ballroom?
The ballroom in its previous state had a timestamp on it. It lacked the modern design that people are looking for when planning an event.

How did you come up with the concept for the updated space?
It is important to provide a neutral platform so everyone can imagine holding their event there. Our team focused on providing a timeless and classic atmosphere when developing the design concept. We also made sure there was a continuity of design, helping to set the tone for the Club throughout the property. The common goal for the space was to create a luxurious backdrop so that guests can imagine having their custom event at the club.  The foundation of the space needed to be strong on it’s own, but save room for you to make it your own.

When determining finishes, what were the most important factors?
They key design components we planned out to be universal and monochromatic. We always have to think, “how long is this going to last”? It would be easy to utilize the current trends like luxe golds and dark metals, but we wanted to invest in finishes that are more timeless. The wallpaper, for instance, is a damask pattern that could be seen in a new, modern renovation or in a 100-year-old house. In 10-15 years, it’s very likely this space will only need a fresh coat of paint instead of a complete overhaul.

What else would you like to share with our Members?
I am proud to partner with the Club again to bring its Member families a space they can enjoy for years. As the Club is not far from the city, it’s important to offer high-style while making sure the space is “liveable.” We chose commercial-grade textures and a sustainable design to honor the life of the new ballroom. I can’t wait to see the space in action

Click here to view the design plans and stay tuned for the big reveal!



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