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What Should I Pack in my Emergency Wedding Day Kit?

When preparing for your wedding, it is important to have essential items on hand that can help you tackle any unforeseen challenges or last-minute mishaps — enter the emergency wedding day kit. Our Catering team already has a lot of the items listed below, but it can be helpful for you to pack them as well just to be safe! Below are some suggestions for what you can add to your emergency wedding day kit. When considering a container to hold these items, we recommend a zippered tote or a basket with lid in case the items get jostled during the day’s festivities.


A sewing kit is always essential to help you quickly fix any wardrobe malfunctions or loose buttons. Be sure to include needles, thread in various colors, safety pins, and small scissors.


You never know what messes will happen on your big day. Carry a stain remover pen or wipes to address any spills or stains on your wedding attire.


Always be safe and pack your first aid kit. Include band-aids, pain relievers, antacids, and any necessary prescription medications for emergencies.


You don’t want bad breath on your wedding day! Keep mints, breath strips, or mouthwash to ensure fresh breath throughout the day.


Clear nail polish can have multiple uses! This versatile item can fix a snag in stockings, stop a run in your tights, or reinforce chipped nail polish.


Keeping your hair perfect through the entire day can be a hassle. Don’t forget to pack extra bobby pins, hair ties, and a small bottle of hairspray to keep your hairstyle intact.


It is always a good idea to pack extra make-up to re-apply when you use the restroom. Include your lipstick, lip balm, compact powder, blotting paper, and any other touch-up items specific to your makeup routine.


Your wedding day can get emotional at times. Carry a small pack of tissues or a handkerchief for any unexpected tears of joy or runny noses.


Staying hydrated and keeping small snacks near you is very important to maintaining your energy so you can dance all night long. Keep some non-perishable snacks like energy bars or nuts and a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day.


If your phone is prone to losing its battery quickly, it is a good idea to bring your charger. Have a charger or power bank on hand to ensure your phone stays powered up for communication or capturing memorable moments.


If there is a chance of rain on your day, a clear umbrella can protect you and your wedding attire while still allowing for great photos.


Wearing heels all day long can leave your feet feeling sore. Pack a pair of comfortable flats or sandals for when your feet need a break.

These items are just a few things you can keep in your emergency wedding kit. Don’t forget that you can add anything else that is based on your specific needs and circumstances. Additionally, it can be helpful to designate someone, such as a bridesmaid or a trusted friend, to oversee the kit and ensure it’s easily accessible throughout the day. If you would like any other advice on important items you should bring, contact our catering department at

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